Friday, January 24, 2014

Journal: Hobby With A Bestie

Had a super, fun-filled, inspiring and mind blowing day today with my bestie!  She is a professional decorator and amazing at what she does.  She taught me a lot over the years and we've been best friends for about 17 years.  She had a job today and guess who she took along!  Lol!  I was excited because it was another opportunity to see her in action and learn more.

We were decorating a reception hall for a birthday party.  We had 150 chair covers to tie and centre pieces to mount.  I just love this stuff.  We had so much fun that the time went by and it didn't feel like work.  We spent the time catching up and doing what we usually do...bouncing ideas off each other, getting excited about our futures and making plans.  Well one thing led to another and we birthed a business together!  Yup!  Just like that!  We're pumped and ready to go!  Can't tell details just yet but there will definitely be a post on it!  Here is a sneak peek of what we did...

'Tiffany Gift Box Cake' on the Cake Table

Lighted Centre Pieces

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