Monday, June 23, 2014

Journal: Life Keeps You Busy

It's been a while since my last entry.  The title for this one explains it all.  So much has happened and completely consumed my time...and rightfully so.  A quick update.

My three year old had a horrible accident.  She fell off a stool at a terrible angle and broke her arm. There has been hospital stays, X-rays, morphine, multiple casts and sleepless nights.

My other two girls wrapped up their dance year with multiple competitions and a year end recital.  There has been road trips, practices, an audition and tons of growth within the last few months.

My husband's gospel singing group FOR THE MASTER had a live DVD recording and it was AMAZING.  So very proud of him for letting it all go and doing things that he would not have done otherwise.

We celebrated Father's Day by honouring my husband as the king of our castle.  We relaxed, made him a special Trini dinner and spent quality time as a family.

Hoping life will slow down over the next few weeks so we can breathe.  If not, I guess we'll just keep moving.

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