Friday, September 4, 2015

No Excuse For Greatness

We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes. We're our own worst critics.  What if we were to only live from a place of purpose. By that I mean, live our lives daily as if we KNOW we have purpose and not just trying to convince ourselves.  How differently would we view things and make decisions?

No Excuse For Greatness is about is not denying our progress.  As human beings our lives are defined by experiences and choices, both good and bad. We make ourselves feel it when they're bad...the 'shoulda' 'woulda' 'coulda' moments.  We decide within ourselves that we have a period of time to wallow in it. Then pick up, dust off and keep moving, sometimes recreating the same version of events if we haven't learned or spending a whole lot of time trying to not make the same mistakes.  

No Excuse for Greatness is about acknowledging we fought.  We tend to downplay what we go through after time has passed.  The sting isn't quite as hard. The roar emotions fade. Like a mother that's gone through hours and hours of labour, over the years the memory of the pain doesn't rip through her body. Doesn't mean she forgets the experience but it's definitely easier to talk about because when she looks at that child, she sees the purpose for that pain. It makes it easier and the focus becomes more on the beautiful child than on the pain.  Why is it so much harder for us to let the pain fade and acknowledge that there was purpose in it. That we are who we are because of what we've been through.

No Excuse for Greatness is about standing in our truth.  Once we make it out, let's not shy away from our truth. We alone know what our fight involved. It's okay to stand in who we are after our fight knowing that the time we spent praying, crying, fighting, hiding, believing...makes us who we are.  Don't let anyone walking in at the end of our chapter, determine how we feel.  

They don't know what it took.  They don't know our story. So confidently say Thank You when complimented on our end result.  Confidently share what it took so they know it was a process.  Confidently stand in our truth and what we came out of, knowing that we can help someone else reach their truth. Don't make excuses for who we are!!  We are who we are because we've been through something and fought our way through.  Don't deny it. Don't deny the prayers, the tears, the inner struggle.  We lived it and we came through victorious.  Stand tall knowing that this life is bigger than you.  Don't deny the Greatness within You! Don't deny the God in You, especially when your story is far from over!!! 


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