Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Journal: Approaching 40!!!

As I inch closer to 40 I find myself going through a range of emotions.  Everyone's journey is different.  Everyone's story is different.  Your story and your journey affects your perspective on things.  I went from being petrified of turning 40 to feeling exhilarated about it.  Let me explain...

Initially I was petrified because it seemed like it was happening too fast.  Time seemed like it was going faster than I could accomplish my goals.  Was I getting old?  Well that's one way to look at it...a negative perspective.  I grew tired of that spot!  Why sit there and just waste even more time?

Then I grew to accept that 40 was coming whether I was ready or not.  With accepting came making the decision to not focus on what I hadn't yet done, but to find the drive and enthusiasm to tackle all my outstanding action items from a place of thankfulness.  I'm thankful that I'm still here.  I'm thanking that I find strength and direction from the God I love and serve.  I'm thankful for what I've already done that I thought I couldn't.  I'm thankful that I still have today.

Now I'm just excited.  I'm excited that I finally, after a long journey...I finally love me!!  This is the most confident I've ever been!  With all my imperfections, with all my shortcomings, with all my curves, with all the growing I still have to do, I Love Me!!  I will strive to be better, do better, learn, grow and GIVE!!  When I look back on life I want to see how I made this world better and how I enriched those around me.  Those are the things that I will find value in and pass on to my children.

So 40...let's go!!  I'll love, give and strive before you get here...and long after I pass you!

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