Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Life in itself can get so busy.  There's always something to do, always an appointment, always someone depending on us, always preparation for another day...before you know it days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and so on.

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Then we make comments like "time flies" when we stop for a moment to think on something that strikes us at that moment. It all happens so fast.
We have drastic moments when someone we care about or someone who has had an impact at some stage in our life, passes away.  Usually that's the moment we stop time and the busyness of life to really think about how that person has affected our life. Where we'd be if we hadn't met them? The many conversations we had? The last time we saw them? It really becomes a moment of reflection. Then as time leads to their memorial we think about what we would have said to them if we saw them one last time. If only they knew...

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Today, I want to challenge you to not wait till that moment. Live your life in a way that causes you to let your loved ones and acquaintances know how you feel about them or about what they've done to cause change in your life. Don't wait for  a funeral, or a birthday, or an anniversary. How about you let them know just because you don't know when that last moment will be.  Keep in mind, there's more to this... imagine if we lived a life where we knew what we meant to others. What kind of fuel, encouragement or drive would that give us to keep fighting through, to walk in our purpose, to continue to look past our situation and follow through. We'd help each other live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Let's also teach our children, nieces & nephews and all the children in our life.  Teach them to not wait. Teach them to seize every moment to be that catalyst, to not waste moments thinking they have time but to do what their hearts lead them to do.  It could mean a world of difference for someone else.

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Let's not waste time thinking we have time. Let's let it become the way we live. Let's use our time wisely to create change and not have to regret.  Turn the "I wish they knew how they changed my life" to "I'm glad they know how I feel about them!"


Rox-anne Leslie-Kidd said...

So true!

Eikontest3 said...

Absolutely LOST for words.... other than Thank you for sharing ..... truer words were never spoken

Souljah Livity said...

Awesome! Great reminder about #gratitude xoxox