Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bridging The Gap

Had an experience today that put me smack in the middle of two generations.  It was such an odd place to be.  I had my mom on one end and my daughter on another.

We are raising our girls to let their voices be heard.  To speak up if there is an issue and to do their best to find a resolve especially if it's someone you care deeply about.  My daughter found it difficult to express her feelings of frustration to Grandma without crossing the line of being disrespectful.  So here I was, the mediator between the two, helping my mom understand my daughter's frustrations and helping my daughter understand that Grandma always has her best interest at heart.  Though Grandma's delivery can be somewhat firm at times, she shouldn't walk away in frustration and hold things in especially when Grandma does not realize she's upset.  I had to explain to my mom that she should hear her out regardless of how wrong she thinks her grand-baby is.  Give her a chance to explain her logic then show her.

Photo from cutarts.blogspot.ca

Initially I thought my daughter just had a thing about being right, but she explained that she's okay being wrong as long as her side is heard.  She wanted a voice. It then dawned on me that this is how relationships can be silently destroyed from a young age.  This is how some adults grow up to become poor communicators.  Kids are not 'just kids', especially if we want them to become effective communicators and thinkers.  It's so important to give them a voice and to support them as they try to find their way.  Let's also continue to seize each moment and find the lesson in everything.  It changes our outlook on life and in return affects the lives around us....those before us AND those after us!

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