Friday, October 11, 2013

Puberty Now?!?!

Mom Why Is This Happening?

Let's face it, we have mixed feelings when it comes to our kids growing up.  We love the milestones and the independence.  On the other hand some of us dread PUBERTY!  It's even harder when puberty starts early.  Ugh. Lol.

To be honest as a parent, I freaked out at first.  It took time to gather my thoughts and accept that this was happening to my baby.  Ugh.  Lol.  Then it occurred to me that this is one of those milestones that can make or break my future relationship with my daughter.  Do I always want her to come to mommy no matter what it is?  Absolutely.  So it starts here.  My reaction and the way I introduced her to this new world would affect her perception of it.  Get it together Nat!  I swear sometimes I'm Pablo's twin sister (Backyardigan watchers will get it lol).  

A friend once told me that books work best.  Get a book on puberty and read it together or have him/her read it, then discuss.  Well it worked!  This made it so easy on my head.  Lol. Thanks Lisa.  I found a book series I was comfortable with and incorporated it into our daily reading.  We read it together and it opened a fantastic dialog that made it enjoyable for us both.  This series was perfect as it broke down the info by age.  I also used it as a guide so I didn't have to worry about how much info I needed to cover.  We are still reading it.  It's a good idea to read ahead so you can have the heads up on what's coming and so you can take a break if you think your child is not ready for the info. Puberty has since become an enjoyable experience for us and I no longer feel unprepared or overwhelmed. Thank God for good books!! 

Below is the book series we used.  There is a series for boys as well and they are both available on Amazon. There are tons of books out there, find one that works for you and your child.  Leave your comments and tell me how you handled or are handling puberty at your house. I'd love to get some more pointers.

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