Thursday, October 3, 2013

Journal: Why Not Blog?!?

Today I decided to finally take a leap of faith and start a blog.  I've wanted to do it for so long but always found a reason to put it off. No more of that.  In this day and age with social media being the main outlet for most, what better way to do what you love from the comfort of your own home.  Why not?!?  So many times I learn something, come across a great find or just have an 'Aha Moment' as Oprah would call it. I literally say EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO KNOW!!  I share it with my closest girlfriends and it ends there.  Well, I want to share it with anyone and everyone.  I'm talking anything and everything!!  So WHY NOT start a blog!  Lol. Since I made the step ideas are just flowing.  I hope I can type fast enough. Lol.  Stay tuned.  It will not disappoint. Welcome to ALL THINGS GIRLY ME!!! :-)

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