Saturday, October 5, 2013


Ever started your laundry and run out of fabric softener or dryer sheets?

Here 's my tip...add 1/4 - 1/2 cup of white vinegar at the start of your rinse cycle and you'll be good to go.  If you miss the rinse cycle, set it back and add your vinegar.  How do I know?  Tried it.  Still doing it.  Found this tip on Pinterest (follow me at NATALIE P).  

My husband was apprehensive about this because he likes his clothes nice and soft and smelling like fresh laundry.  Little did he know I hadn't used dryer sheets for a few weeks and he couldn't tell the difference...which is why I tried it before I told him lol.   I no longer spend money on dryer sheets.  I spend $2 for a bottle of vinegar and I'm good for a very long time...and I've got laundry for my family of six!  Lol.    

Don't go spending more than $2 on vinegar people!  It's the same vinegar, the brand does not make a difference.

No your clothes will not smell like vinegar.  It actually smells like the laundry detergent.

Yes it will be fluffy.

No it will not be full of static after the dryer.  Look out for my tip on DRYER BALLS...this helps with static too.

Quick Note:  I find it most effective when I add the vinegar while the water is filling up.  I pour it in right under the stream of water.  I think it mixes in much better.

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Anonymous said...

Great Tip! I will definitely try this!