Sunday, January 12, 2014

Journal: A Little About Me

It's time to open up and give my fellow readers a little insight into who I am, so here goes :-)

I was born and raised in Trinidad and migrated to Canada with my mother at the tender age of 13.  I love where I'm from and regret not being able to go back often.  Trinidad is a wonderful place and I have tons of family left there.  It was a very difficult transition in regards to culture and school but I got through it thank God (maybe I'll blog about that lol).

I transitioned well into high school and eventually met my love (Junior) who I've been married to for 13 years.  We've been together a total of 18 years and our amazing friendship is what keeps me sane lol.  He will soon be a guest blogger as well, he just doesn't know yet lol.  You'll love him :-)

Junior (Hubby) & I

We have 3 extremely energetic, talented and witty girls ages 10 years (Tri), 6 years (Nai) and 2 years (Mali).  They are a great balance between being girly and cute, as well as tough and competitive all at the same time.  They teach me so much so there will always be a blog post about them lol.  My plan is also for Tri to be a guest blogger for kids (or from a kid's point of view) as well.  She has a lot to say lol.

Mali & I
Tri & Nai
There's a lot I enjoy doing but to be honest, I'm on my way to finding my groove again.  I got caught up in mommy-ing for the past decade so I'm enjoying reinventing myself as I approach 40!  Perfect timing lol (blog post).  I am finally comfortable in my own skin without apologies...expect blogs on that too lol.

Me :-)

My goal is to share my life experiences, mistakes, triumphs and my faith on a practical level.  I've always loved to write so the merging of all of this creates the perfect forum for this stay-at-home mom and homeschooler (yep blogs on that too lol).  I'm not here to chase for followers or act like I've got everything down. I'm just here to be real, honest and to have an outlet to share, learn and grow.  This blog was a step out to challenge myself and get out there for ME.  ALL THINGS GIRLY ME!!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come again :-)

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