Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PreTeen Challenge

Being a homeschooler I am forever seizing every opportunity to teach something. I just can't help it.  It brings fun and variation to teaching.  Today I had a fantabulous idea!

We are due to renew a few passports at my house so I picked up the forms and decided to grab an extra one so my daughter Tri (10 years old) can attempt to fill it out.  Both she and I were super pumped.  Yes!!  Life skill lesson 299 lol.  You wouldn't believe how many discussions, explanations and aha moments we had!  She had to lookup info as well and copy registration numbers and the like.  It was great.  Sometimes it's the simple things that teach the most.  

I challenge you to give your preteen a form to fill out next time you have one.  Have them use pencil or just get an extra one.  Great learning experience and another way to spend constructive quality time.

Image from learnhebrewpod .com

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