Monday, January 20, 2014

HEALTHier Eating - To Kale Or Not To Kale

I've heard a lot lately about the benefits of Kale.  Besides the assumption of it being healthy because it fits into the 'leafy greens' category, it is known to lower cholesterol, fight cancer and support a healthy immune system and digestion among other things (see image below).  For the last three years we have taken a gradual turn to be HEALTHier and loving the results.  Kale was the next challenge.

First we tried to make Kale chips!!  I'm not sure if we didn't use the correct type of Kale (there is a variety out there) or it just wasn't our day, but it was terrible. Hated it.  Lol.  It actually turned us off a little.  More recently I bought a new blender (exciting so we thought we'd try blending the Kale into our smoothies.  By the way, we've been making smoothies daily and it's a huge hit for both the young and the more mature in my household. Lol.

We blended the Kale first until completely smooth then added our regular fruit, etc. and it was actually good.  We were all in shock! Not sure what we were expecting....actually who am I kidding, we were expecting to hate it.  Lol.  For now, this is our only method of Kale intake.  We will certainly keep trying.  

UPDATE:  We have progressed in our quest to get more greens.  Check new post HEALTHier Eating - Daily Infusion of Greens

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