Sunday, January 5, 2014

Are The Kids Out To Get Me?!?!?

Have you ever had one of those days where you literally thought your kids were out to get you?  Lol.   Seriously!  I have those days occasionally.  I am convinced they wake up and plan one thing after the next non-stop.  Someone is fighting, someone gets hurt, someone throws a tantrum, someone ate something they shouldn't, someone decides to be an artist in the hallway or on the carpet, someone is hungry five minutes after they ate...I mean the list goes on.  Sounds hilarious now but when it's happening, not so much.  My husband then gets one of these texts at work, "Come get your kids!!"  Lol.  This is not everyday but it happens.

Thank God he is one of those men that just makes everything better by the calmness in his voice. Of course that support brings the waterworks and I just feel silly for having a horrible day. Lol. He always reassures me that I'm doing the best I can and it is appreciated. Sometimes as moms we want to do it and be it all. He tells me all the time, my expectations are so high of myself that I tend to make it unreachable for my own self. It's so true. Then I think the kids are out to get me. Makes me chuckle when I think about it. It's actually a running joke between hubby and I. If you are a single mom or you don't have a spouse that can bring reassurance, find that go-to person you can trust who can be there for you. It makes a world of difference.

During those days when I've felt like I've reached my breaking point. We go down this checklist...

Am I taking my iron?
Believe it or not, if your iron is low it has a serious affect on your mood and tolerance level.  For the longest time I struggled with keeping up at home.  Went to the doctor for a regular checkup and found out my iron was dangerously low, making me feel extremely tired, irritable and affecting my entire daily function.  I was prescribed iron pills and within a few days of taking them I felt a significant change in my mind and body.

Am I getting enough sleep?
Sometimes I don't even realize how little sleep I get especially if the kids get sick one after the other.  Other times I just like to stay up late because with everyone in bed, I can quietly watch a movie, read a book or catch up with social media.  

Am I making time for myself?
Sometimes a little TLC to just breathe is what I need to regroup and face the little people that are 'not out to get me' lol.  Grab a girlfriend for coffee, run to the store and just browse, go for a drive, browse Pinterest or whatever you prefer.

Is there too much happening?
We've got practices, homeschool, play groups, appointments, basically everything that needs to get done.  When I just STOP and play with the kids for a while, take time to look into their tiny faces, laugh with them, answer their well thought out questions about random life issues like cheese and fishes lol....well, I just gain perspective and realize they are more important than all of it.  They are who we're doing all of this for.  Just enjoy them before they grow up and I wish for the time back that I have with them now.

From here I pray and ask God for strength and wisdom to be what they need and to help me find balance so I can enjoy it ALL.  Once strengthened I keep it moving until the next bad day, then we start again lol.


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great post! I like the pictures.
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Natalie P. said...

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I'll check out your site also. Thanks for stopping by :-)